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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekend Getaway with My Momma!

This past weekend my mom took me to Minneapolis for the weekend. We had such a good time bonding, shopping, watching movies & coloring my hair.

First stop, Minnesota Science Museum! I never realized how gigantic polar bears are!

 This is a whale's scull
 Giant astronaut hanging in the entryway!
 Neil Armstrong's space gloves.
 My lovely mom using the space toilet! It was kinda gross! The yellow hose is for number 1. This toilet has crazy suction power!

 Mummified bird.


It was kinda a bummer because the whole building was under renovation, and it won't fully reopen until 2017.

They were in session...it was really cool to watch!

 A scale model of the cathedral, built out of legos! It took 150 hours to complete!


 The parlor.
 The art room.
 This lady played the organ for us...it was SOO cool!

 The dining room had a secret room behind the walls where all the silver was kept. The walls are made of leather.
 The library/study
 The basement/servants area

 Boiler/furnace room
I had SOO much fun! We went to the theatre and watched Age of Adaline and Mall cops 2. The morning we went home, we dyed my hair....in the hotel room. I LOVE MY MOM SOOO MUCH!

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